It was a cold night and I was having my bourbon whiskey at my condo, actually, I was kind of depressed with some financial issues kind of going through a hard time, I tried watching TV, listening songs and mingling online but nothing really helped. Since I was on Omegle I looked at some links of this new slot game called Riviera Riches, so I thought of giving it a try.Try Your Luck With Riviera Riches And Collect Rewards

So I started digging about it and I found the slot’s reviews which were quite decent and players were saying healthy things about it, so I tried playing it with the free spins at first. To play with the free I just needed to fill just an email id and there I was enjoying the slot, it was really a nice game and there I thought of playing with real money pokies.

Before investing into the pokie I decided to know the game a little better so I had a look on some tutorial videos on youtube and talked with one of my gambler friends on Facebook, he used to work in a casino of royal Vegas and he also assured me that it really worth giving a try. So eventually I tried the slot game and I was playing it pretty well and heading toward the jackpot with a surprising rate. Since I was playing a bet motion’s game I was really enjoying it as well. And despite the insomnia and stress if given a chance I would love to play it again for fun.

Watch the video too.