Download And Play Best Aussie SlotsLast week a friend of mine was about to pay me a visit and I was pretty eager to meet him and show him the Sydney city with all its elegance and beauty from its skyscraper to exotic gardens of Bundaberg. And I came to know that he was very excited as well as he also updated his status on Facebook justifying it.

When he came from Colombo to Sydney via St. Louis, he was pretty tired. So I offered him some drinks with club soda and the next day we went to the see the sights of the city and in the evening we were going to a casino which reminded him of the online casinos of New Zealand.

He Suddenly asked me about the popular slots of New Zealand and he told him to play some casino games online for free, and you are aware of the fact that playing casino in New Zealand is legal so I have decided to play some free online slots without downloading it and after having my drinks I took out my iPhone and downloaded the most popular game of that time named as the pure platinum . I explained him some basic tips and rules of the game and after that made him to play it.

I really don’t know what happened, he was playing remarkably well and was rapidly going toward the jackpot, so I helped him and together we hit the jackpot that made us more enthusiastic and we played it further and the whole night went so rapidly I couldn’t really describe it, since we were pretty tired with the night experience so we had to cancel the plan of roaming around the city and played the pokies online slot on the next day as well. Really had great fun that day, which also made me nostalgic for the college days the fun we used to have those days and enjoyed to the root of fun. and I invited him for the next year as well.

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